Where to Eat

I'm always down for some good food and good music! It doesn't hurt that it was on a beautiful full moon night. Our beach here on Harbour Island is stunning during the day but if you want an experience, try walking our gorgeous beach on a night when the beach is completely lit by the full moon.

Here is the deal. I'm not a lush by far but two years ago I became interested in drinks, libations, al-co-MA-hol! The reason this started two years ago is because this is when I decided to call Harbour Island home again. Thus began my cocktail and wine education. There are a few fabulous spots on Harbour Island where you can get great cocktails. Some of these places are posh and sophisticated, while others are really simple and laid back. This is one of those spots.

image084At the beginning of the season, here on Harbour Island, something wonderful happened! Well, at least I thought it was wonderful. Almost all of the hotels had new chefs! For a complete foodimite, who's tried almost every dish on every menu, this was an opportunity to try out new chefs and new menus. Thus commenced the favorite foods festivities, I grabbed my girlfriend Joanne from The Hatch and headed over to my first stop, the Dunmore Hotel's restaurant at lunch.