The Queen

The Queen

image077Didn’t I mention that Harbour Island has royalty? I’m related to the queen! Well, she’s not REALLY a queen but she’s my queen. Jacqueline Gertrude Percentie is my grandmother and she sits on her throne, her porch, on Harbour Island directly across the street from her little busy village. If you’ve ever eaten at Queen Conch or Harry O’s, had a drink at Beyond the Reef or picked up a souvenir from Jacqueline’s straw work, then you’ve been to her village! Those are her children that she sits there watching with pride. My grandmother reigns supreme over her subjects, that’s everyone, as a peaceful matriarch. Offering her loyal subjects valuable gifts, bottles of pink sand, as they stop to pay their respects. She is a sweet lady and will have a brilliant smile for you if you just stop by to say hello.  She is someone you must look for and meet when you visit Harbour Island.


Grand mummy, that’s what I call her, celebrated her 89th birthday this month. She’s raised 11 children, 7 boys and 4 girls, and is proud of each and everyone of them. A mother’s love is amazing because despite her age she always remembers the birthday of each and every one of her children, she knows where they are and worries about each one daily. She is a wonderfully amazing and generous woman. I’m only one of over 30 grandchildren and 23 great grands but it just amazes me how she still has a smile that makes me feel like it’s just for me.

How many cakes does one lady need? They were awesome though!

Four generations here! I cherish the moment’s we are all together. I love them more than guava duff…and I love some guava duff! More on duff later, that’s a post all on it’s own.


Grandmother’s hold our hands for just a little while & our hearts forever. -Unknown