Guinness and Chocolate on Valentine’s day!

Guinness and Chocolate on Valentine’s day!

Love was in the air on Valentine’s day. Everyone was either giving or receiving gifts of chocolate, flowers and more. Bish and I realized pretty early on that most people would be caught up in the chocolates and lunch dates and wouldn’t be ordering much from Briland Soul Catering, we deliver gourmet sandwiches daily, so why not have some fun instead. We knew we wanted something with chocolate and Bish remembered this recipe she’d seen for a chocolate Guiness Cake from the Hummingbird Bakery. We figured instead of a cake we would make mini cupcakes for our loyal customers and distribute them.

image023We used Guinness Draught since we couldn’t find it in the bottle. I’d never realized that there is some kind of thingy in the can! Apparently, it’s a widget that creates nitrogen release…I’m sure it serves some flavoring or preserving purpose.

Moving right along…the recipe called for cocoa powder, sugar, eggs, vanilla extract…you know the usual. Stir, mix, pour…The full recipe can be found at





As I mentioned, we went with mini cupcakes instead, so we cut the baking time in half.


Bish whipped up her amazing butter cream icing and I got the brilliant idea to cut out hearts and decorate the tops with little cocoa powder hearts! It didn’t work…we resorted instead to a variety of topping designs…white chocolate, cocoa powder dusting and chocolate hearts.

coco3There ya have it. They were perfectly moist and an obvious hit because we barely made it down Bay Street before they were gone! You are most welcome my island family…love yaself!